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Maia is fourteen and trusts no one. She feels like an outsider in her family and perceives herself as different at school. The only place where she feels safe is her “paradise of thoughtful things,” a world she created by randomly selecting words from certain bags.When the Italian teacher assigns a group project, Maia is paired with Sebastiano, introverted and taciturn. They start questioning their own stories and open up to each other. Sebastiano reveals a secret that made him a victim of bullying, while Maia tells her new friend that she has never known her mother. Their friendship is sincere but as fragile as a dream thatonly the most skilled mechanic could repair.A novel for boys and girls aged 13 and up, a coming-of-age story, a tale of love, friendship, and identity written with elegance, sweetness, and incisiveness.

Linda Traversi was born in Cecina (LI) to an Italian father and an American mother. With a degree in Translation, she lives and works in Ravenna. Her short stories have appeared in various literary magazines and anthologies.