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Il ritratto del demone

Il ritratto del demone

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It is a peaceful time for Fabio De Falco. He has recovered the relationship with his father, he does not lack female company and in the office the atmosphere seems to be relaxed. But when he is assigned the file of an alleged suicide, everything changes. The prosecutor will find himself investigating powerful entrepreneurs, a gang of ruthless professional robbers who meticulously prepares yet another assault on a van loaded with gold and the project to attack a female magistrate in charge of hunting down a super mafia fugitive. The latest investigation entrusted to the deputy prosecutor is an inextricable intertwining. Piece by piece, he will laboriously attempt to reconstruct a mosaic that hides unconfessable truths and millionaire interests. And all that gold will tempt De Falco, who continues to be “bewitched by the illicit, by the illegal”, to enjoy doing what, instead, he should persecute. Maurizio Agnello in The portrait of the demon conceived a plot full of twists that is enriched by the complexities and shadows of an increasingly troubled character, poised between light and darkness, a character who still pays for what he did in the past. What will prosecutor De Falco choose this time? Which side will he decide to be on?.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:

Edizioni Leima S.r.l.

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Palermo

Number of pages: 472

Price: € 17,00

ISBN: 9788832290004

Foreign rights manager: Renato Magistro

Il ritratto del demone

Maurizio Agnello

Maurizio Agnello was born in 1966 in Crotone. In 1997 he began to work for the judiciary and since then has served as Assistant District Attorney in Palermo, and then as deputy public prosecutor in Trapani. In his career he has dealt first with common criminality and later the crimes of the white-collar workers. For some years he has been involved in investigation against the mafia. He is also a member of the pool that aims to capture the superlatitant Matteo Messina Denaro.