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Il segreto di Pietramala

Il segreto di Pietramala


A compelling novel that moves the reader through the mysteries of forgotten languages and unforgettable loves.

The young Parisian linguist Elia Rameau is appointed to a delicate mission: he has to gather all the necessary data to describe the language of Pietramala, an isolated hamlet in the Corsican mountains. After a tricky journey, Elia founds out that Pietramala hides three mysteries: centuries before, the village had been abandoned abruptly, every written testimony had been carried away, and there are no children’s graves in the cemetery. All this evidence seems to point out to Pietramala’s ancient language. It will be up to Elia to solve the enigma of the island and find a solution to its artificial and potentially murderous language.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

La nave di Teseo

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 380

Price: 18 euro

ISBN: 9788893444095

Foreign rights manager:

Premi: Premio Flaiano Internazionale 2018 per la letteratura, sezione Narrativa

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Il segreto di Pietramala

Andrea Moro

Andrea Moro is Professor of General Linguistics at the Institute of Advanced Studies IUSS-Pavia (Italy). He studies the syntax of human languages and its relationship with the brain: he discovered that the rules are biologically constrained and that the neuronal electric activity reproduce sound waves even when no sound is involved. Among his books: The Boundaries of Babel, I speak therefore I am, Impossible Languages, A brief history of the verb TO BE.

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