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Il tesoro dei bambini sensibili

Il tesoro dei bambini sensibili


Know it, manage it, value it. A book to help parents and caregivers recognize hypersensitivity in children and how best to value it.

Highly sensitive people are the 20% of the population that live ‘differently’ what surrounds them, in a deeper, emotional, empathic way. Studies on this character trait are quite recent and clarify interpersonal dynamics often experienced badly or with embarrassment. The book Il tesoro dei bambini sensibili (The treasure of sensitive children) by the psychologist and psychotherapist Elena Lupo is aimed primarily at parents and operators. It has a theoretical and practical slant, in order to recognize hypersensitivity in children and enhance it in the best way.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 170

Price: 16

ISBN: 9788865801659

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini

Il tesoro dei bambini sensibili

Elena Lupo

Elena Lupo is a psychologist and psychotherapist with a Biosystemic orientation. A Highly Sensitive Person, in 2014 she founded a project to disseminate on national territory the knowledge related to the studies of Dr. Elaine Aron, with the aim of helping Highly Sensitive Persons (PAS) to understand and accept themselves.