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Le istruzioni del gioco

Le istruzioni del gioco is presented as a singular diary in verse, which has as its recurring motif the theme par excellence of poetry: love. Declined, however, in estranging and unconventional forms, and with a language that seems to have the same tics as children’s words: in short, with that unhinged and surprising style that has imposed Roberta Durante’s voice to the attention of poetry readers. Almost metaphysical cues alternate with the recording of minimal emotional variations, references to the imagery of the 1990s intertwine with chronicles of narrow current events. Along the thread of a fragmentary but all-encompassing love discourse that unveils the beauty of two complementary worlds: the one with eyes open and the one with eyes closed. With an essay by Tiziano Scarpa.

Series “novecento/duemila” directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni

Roberta Durante was born in Treviso in 1989. In 2011 she won the Mazzacurati-Russo Prize by publishing her first collection of poems entitled Girini (d’if 2012). She later published Club dei visionari (di Felice 2013), Balena (Prufrock spa 2014), La susina (d’if 2015) and the audiobook Nella notte cosmica (Luca Sossella editore 2016).