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Aida is an upper class young girl fond of photography who is suffering from an eating disorder giving her a misperception of herself. Swallowed by an emotional sinkhole, she can\’t find meaning in her life: she is bewildered and disgusted from the world around her. Her personal growth path will cross the one of The Virus, an artistic collective in struggle with capitalism through guerrilla marketing actions, street art installations and hacktivism. We got used to think the word \’virus\’ only in a negative sense, but here it recovers a positive connotation as \’infection\’ of ideas, contamination of experiences to develop awareness and antibodies to common sense, consumerism and digital slavery.

Sergio Gerasi ha festeggiato nel 2020 i suoi 20 anni da fumettista con il graphic novel L’Aida, targato BAO Publishing. Sempre per BAO, ha realizzato In inverno le mie mani sapevano di mandarino (2014) e Un romantico a Milano (2018). Collabora con i principali quotidiani e periodici nazionali, con Sergio Bonelli Editore, Beccogiallo e ReNoir Comics.

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