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As a kid, Kurt Cobain believed he was an alien, his parents weren’t his parents, and sooner or later his people would have come to rescue him. Or, at least, that he was going to meet others like him. Growing up, he will meet those guys, and with them he will put up a band. From two uprising Italian comics artists, this coming of age tale follows Kurt from childhood to the gates of worldwide success, showing how though the provincial life can be for a teenager, and how friendship and music can fill the hole everybody has to face growing up. The one you have when you feel different. Alone.

Danilo Deninotti was born in Mondovì on July 22, 1980. Since autumn 2006 he has lived in Milan. He worked as a copywriter and translator. In addition to When I was an alien and Wish You Were Here, he also published a comic book tribute to Miles Davis.

Toni Bruno was born in Catania in 1982. Today he lives and works in Rome. Close with political activism and independent press, he has published numerous graphic novels with Edizioni BD and Bao Publishing.