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After several years of silence, Antonio Turolo returns to poetry with a collection that is both shining and cruel, in which the ink seems to flow directly from a wound. Turolo takes up and reworks some of his typical obsessions, such as illness, addictions, mental distress and hospitalizations, alternating between episodes from his own family history and disturbing news events. The relationship, always ambivalent, with the city of Treviso and the Veneto has a decisive weight, as does the dimension of travel, more imaginary than real. In the final section of the volume, on the other hand, a singular religious tension emerges, triggered by childhood or adolescent memories, revealing to the reader an unprecedented and unexpected side of Turolo’s poetry. Preface by Flavio Santi. Series ‘novecento / duemila’ directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni.

Antonio Turolo (Mestre, 1962) lives in Treviso. He has done research as a historian of the Italian language. He made his debut as a poet with Le parole contate in Poesia contemporanea. Sesto quaderno italiano (Milan, Marcos y Marcos, 1998) and later published Corruptio optimi pessima (Portogruaro, Nuova dimensione, 2007) and A parte il lato umano, Livorno, Valigie Rosse – Premio Ciampi, 2016.