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A new novel by the winner of the Premio Strega 2021.A true story that becomes a novel and focuses on the most demanding of family bonds: the one between a father and a son. Like in the best game of mirrors with the author as the protagonist, the search for his father becomes a search for himself and all the lives he left behind.Emanuele’s father is a Jungian psychologist, a magician capable of healing wounded souls. As a child, Emanuele soon learns that in order to survive in his father’s orbit it’s best for him to be a peripheral figure. After all, his mother keeps saying “You know what he’s like” whenever she talks about his father. But Emanuele doesn’t really know and, after his father dies, very little is left of him except an apartment no one wants, where the invisible mists of the lives and sorrows he had healed, oiled and straightened still linger.So Emanuele decides to buy this flat and to live permanently in that atmosphere still hovering after his father’s life was cut short, because – first as a son, then as a writer – he wants to reconstruct the identity of a man who never left anything of himself in writing.

Emanuele Trevi (Rome, 1964) is the son of Jungian psychoanalyst Mario Trevi and it is to him that the author dedicates his new book, La casa del mago (2023). He is a novelist, literary critic and essayist. His memoir-novel Qualcosa di scritto (2012) was shortlisted for the Strega prize, going on to win the European Literature Prize. Then came Sogni e favole (2019) winner of the Premio Letterario Viareggio-Repaci. It was with Due vite (Neri Pozza, 2020) that Trevi won the Strega in 2021.