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The Milan of 2045 is a hyper-technological metropolis, where virtual and augmented realities constantly distort the world and people’s identities. Stefano Valeri is a brilliant neuroscientist and researcher for Engram, a company at the forefront of neural interfaces. His wife Arianna Molinari, an esteemed neuropsychologist, works closely with his department. Until the day of the attack. Ever since Arianna fell victim to a terrorist attack during an important scientific conference four years earlier, the man has been living like a human wreck, holed up in his solitude. But when he discovers that his memory of the moment when his wife lost her life is unreliable, Stefano has no alternative: he must come out into the open and put back together the pieces of a past full of enigmas and unresolved traumas. How did things really happen? What kind of memory anomalies was Arianna investigating and who could have had an interest in stopping her? Above all, what is going to happen in the world if no one can trust their memories any more?

Leonardo Patrignani made his debut in fiction with Multiversum (Mondadori, 2012), the first title of a trilogy translated in more than twenty countries, with over one hundred thousand copies sold. He then published the thriller There (Mondadori, 2015), whose film rights have been optioned. For De Agostini he published Time Deal. Darkness (DeAgostini, 2019) is his first children’s book. In 2020 he published with Francesco Trento No spoilers! La mappa segreta di tutte le storie (De Agostini).