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La costante

La costante


A mystery novel in the world of astrophysics, where between secrets and abuses, old resentments and hidden passions, each character will influence somehow the destiny of the other.

During the celebration for the tenth year anniversary of Professor Alberto Ferrante’s departure, three of his most brilliant pupils came back to the CERN of Ginevra: Oleg Wildman, Katherine Holloway and Eric Hartway. Hartway is the real superstar of the celebration, because of his worldwide fame and the nominee for the Nobel Prize. Just before the meeting, Natalia Volkov, one of the students of the research centre, meets a strange figure. The next morning, Hartway was found dead in the former office of Professor Ferrante, with Natalia. They had never seen each other until the previous evening and between their two murders do not seem to be any connection. The young chief of police Filippo La Roche is in charge of the investigation and he will try to shed some light on the complex personality of Eric Hartway, finding more than just one secret on the Professor’s life. At the same time, he will have to cope with his lack of experience and the insufficient trust of his co-workers. An unexpected help will arrive for him to close the case.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 144

Price: 12,00 euro

ISBN: 9788867714827

Foreign rights manager:

La costante

Elena Liguori

Elena Liguori was born in Gragnano, near Naples, in 1988 and lives in Milan. Since she was a young girl she has the dream to become a journalist, and she accomplished it in 2012. Meanwhile, she continues to nourish her big passion for the writing and particularly for the mystery novels. The Constant is her debut novel and it won a special mention in several literary contest: La quercia del Myr, Città di Grottammare and Premio Giallo Garda 2018.