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La danza del gorilla

La danza del gorilla

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The Gorilla is back

The Gorilla has suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder since childhood but he’s been able to conceal it and make it through life unscathed. Up until ten years ago, when he got shot in the head. And now his two personalities could’t be more different. Returning to Milan for a friend’s funeral, the Gorilla gets tangled up in a case of arson.

A legendary character in Italy’s noir genre, he is back with a bang, on a journey into the darkest night that reveals the schizofrenia of these sick times disguised by sparkling promises, but still sullied by the same old injustices. The Gorilla is a serial character, but Sandrone wrote the book in such a way that this is a real new start, which is good for every reader.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: MILANO

Number of pages: 256

Price: 18,90

ISBN: 978-8817139359


Sales ranking: 16.000 copies sold

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La danza del gorilla


Sandrone Dazieri was born in Cremona in 1964 and is one of the most appreciated Italian thriller writers and screenwriters. In 1999 his first novel, Attenti al gorilla (Mondadori), was released, followed by numerous others, including La cura del gorilla (Einaudi, 2001, from which the homonymous film with Claudio Bisio was taken). As a screenwriter and headwriter he has curated some series of extraordinary popularity among which: Antimafia Team, Intelligence and R.I.S. Rome. In 2014 he published the first volume of the Trilogy Dante and Colomba, Uccidi il padre, followed by L’angelo and Il re di denari, all of them translated worldwide.

Other translations:
TRILOGIA DI DANTE E COLOMBA: Uccidi il padre, L’angelo, Il re di denari. Rights sold for the Trilogy in France: Laffont; English World: Scribner; Germany: Piper; Japan: Hayakawa; Spanish World: Alfaguara; Romania: Crime ScenePress; Netherlands: Xander. Rights sold for Uccidi il padre #1 in Albania: Ombra GVG; Czech Republic: Albatros; Greece: Patakis; Hungary: Művelt Nép; Poland: Sonia Draga; Russia: Azbooka; Serbia: Vulkan; Turkey: Monokl. Rights sold for L’Angelo #2 in Albania: Ombra GVG; Czech Republic: Albatros; Greece: Patakis; Poland: Sonia Draga; Russia: Azbooka.