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A relentless chase from England, passing by train under the English Channel, through the heart of Europe to Italy: amidst ambushes, suspicions and mystifications.• A great children’s writer tells us a gripping story with an important theme at its heart: the increasingly widespread use of doping in youth sport.Patrick is Pat, a promising star of youth football, so good that he deserves a place in the most coveted Sports Training Center: Fulton. But one day, Pat escapes from Fulton climbing over the wall of the Center, and starting a hunt for the boy without catching breath and without limits. Together with Samuel, an old photographer met by chance and willing to help him, he will move outside of England, trying to hide from his pursuers. Why is he fleeing and who is following him, getting closer each time? Something heavy and strange hovers over the Center, Pat is sure of it. In there he always felt nervous and threatened, and the behavior of the managers is very suspicious. Samuel and Dr. Malstone are also convinced of this. Yet to find out what happens and make the truth public, there is only one solution left, the most dangerous: Pat must return and provide Dr. Malstone with the evidence she needs.

Roberto Piumini was born in Edolo, Valcamonica, in 1947. He lives in Milan. He was a teacher, a pedagogist, a conductor of expressive groups, an actor. Since 1978, he has published books of poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories, novels, and plays with about eighty publishers.