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Time after time, tourism has inspired and produced dedicated architecture and clothing: beach resorts and bathing suits, “yachting” menswear and spas, the Kursaal and the marinière, the Alpine Grand Hotel and ski suits, the sanatorium and picnics, tourists teamships and women’s “promenade wear”, the Orient Express, the safari jacket, and ethnic jewelry fashions. This book investigates places and people, architectural styles, and ways of behavior and expression which started out as idiosyncratic and became shared phenomena of fashion. Just like the imagery of fashion, architectonic projects –part permanence and part novel solutions – penetrate the surface of society and reveal the tactics, archetypes, and anthropological structures that define an era and give it meaning.

Maurizio Francesconi is a professor of Fashion Semiotics, History of Contemporary Fashion, and Fashion Communications in university courses at the IED in Turin.

Alessandro Martini is a tenured professor of History of Architecture and the City in the Department of Architecture at Turin’s Polytechnic University.