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This book highlights frendship between Hector and dogs. It is a book about a child who, all of a sudden, realizes he can understand the language of dogs. In the first three chapters he succeeds in solving the main problems which, occasionally, occur in a house where a dog lives. This dog is being trained to keep quiet in the absence of owners or a trainer, as well as not to dirty inside the house and how to deal with food.

In the forth chapter the child learns how to put forward predation to his dog in the right way. Through the child and the dog’s eyes we aim to demonstrate what a dog trainer strives to sort out space problems, business inside the house and whatever is related to food management. Basically, it has to do with home advice from an expert, made easier in order to be understood by children. The book comes with a tiny illustrated handbook which suggests how to understand the body language of dogs and what dogs like or dislike.

In the world of dog lovers still dominated by outdated and scientifically unfounded clichès the author attempts to give useful advice aiming at demolishing useless beliefs. Therefore he turns to new generations which are free from prejudice and ready to welcome new ideas and interpretations.

David Pentassuglio was born in Rome and is an agronomist. His love for dogs has led him to become a FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) trainer being aware of the activities people can do with their dogs. The birth of his children, his love and respect for nature have driven him to set up his own business strictly linked to the spread of information and stories to bring man back to his origins.