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Le avventure di Oreste, gatto peste

Le avventure di Oreste, gatto peste

What does the cat Oreste do when he is alone in the house for hours? He makes trouble in every room. Arianna and her parents, tired of having to remedy his disasters every night, one day decide to leave him out in the garden. The cat gets on a bus that stops in front of its gate and leaves. On board, an elderly lady takes him in her arms and, believing him alone like her, takes him home. Arianna, desperate, looks everywhere for her Oreste and, when she finds him, she also finds a granny to love. A book that will entertain children, but will become an opportunity to make them aware of the problem of the loneliness of the elderly in today’s society. The book is for children from six years old.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2015

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 48

Price: 10,00 euro

ISBN: 9788867711956

Foreign rights manager:

Le avventure di Oreste, gatto peste

Franca Monticello

Franca Monticello was born and lives in a small town in the north of Italy. She taught in school with great passion and has remained linked to children to whom most of her works are dedicated.  She has published 20 books for children by various editors (EdiGiò, Kimerik, Il Ciliegio, Edizioni Paoline, La Compagnia del libro) Her works for children and adults are published in 80 anthologies.