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Le cinque rive. Gli anni delle fiamme

On the lush Vidrian shore, preparations are in full swing for the Destination Ceremony, which every year assigns the children of the village to the family best suited to their Xen, their centre, and determines their place in society. Playing a key role in the Ceremony are the Armon of the Circle, the spiritual authority of the shore. Young Bram Cadaval, apprentice of the Circle, is restless. Not only is his progress stalled, but he is tormented by sudden visions to which he cannot make sense. This, and his inability to attune himself to the other Armon, cause him enormous frustration. The disquiet becomes anguish when Aral, one of the children awaiting his Destination, mysteriously disappears. Setting out on a mission to find Aral represents a chance for Bram to redeem himself and prove himself. Deva Loissen is the daughter of wealthy merchants from Riva di Terrena, accustomed to wealth and comfort. Her life, however, is kept under constant surveillance by her family because of the self-destructive crises she sometimes falls prey to, as her face, marked by a conspicuous scar, shows. One day, returning from a horseback ride, Deva helplessly witnesses the extermination of her family, burnt by an eerie black fire. She escapes death by fleeing, wounded, together with her horse. As Bram and Deva embark on a journey in search of salvation, the ghost of the war that devastated the Five Shores a hundred years earlier seems to reawaken, to demand a new toll of blood and death from these lands.

Chiara Cecilia Santamaria published her first book Quello che le mamme non dicono by Rizzoli in 2010. She writes for Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Gioia, Donna Moderna