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Le mura di Cartavel – Gli eroi perduti vol. 1

Le mura di Cartavel – Gli eroi perduti vol. 1

A reimagined Mediterranean is the backdrop to a war that has been fought for longer than anyone can remember. Apparently, a hero able to change the fate of the world just doesn’t exist. Sarmora’s soldiers have been made nearly invincible by a mysterious and ancient substance called “itri”, whose uncontrolled use could bring the world to ruin. Only Cartavel can stand up to the advance of its terrible power. With its mighty warship Isle of Iron, it plans to launch the final blow. But heroes do exist, and they now need to fight to determine their destiny. Ronac, the treasure hunter. Rovaine, the ruthless soldier, spy, and military strategist. And Asul, who must deliver a secret message that might change the course of the war… A relentlessly paced and audacious story with unforgettable characters. A new fantasy in which the heroic female protagonists inspire readers with their positive and powerful qualities.

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 312

Price: 16,00 €

ISBN: 9788856664638

Foreign rights manager: Atlantyca:

Le mura di Cartavel – Gli eroi perduti vol. 1

Simone Laudiero

Neapolitan, writer and screenwriter, he is the founder and member of the group of television authors “La Buoncostume”. Among his novels, Si lasciano tutti and the children’s trilogy L’Accademia dei Supereroi.