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They do not know where it comes from or where it is headed. It appears suddenly, where there was nothing before: the Emporium of Fear is an unparalleled condensate of terror and mystery.• A magical story, as dense as the thickest fog, that leads the reader to wander through pages and images, searching for a way out.It is night. Agnes is climbing down from her bedroom window. She is angry at the whole world but, above all, at her mother who, ever since her little sister was born, whom she had with her new partner, no longer seems to consider her, so much so that she has even forgotten her twelfth birthday! So she decides to run away: she starts wandering aimlessly, surrounded in a light fog that becomes thicker and thicker, turning the deserted streets of the city into a labyrinth. At a certain point, she realises that she is wandering in circles, always ending up in the same place: in front of the illuminated window of a shop that, despite the late night, is open. But what kind of shop is that? As she looks around, a voice surprises her from behind: it is Mr Fobos, the owner of The Emporium of Fear. The man explains to her that what she is admiring is his personal collection and all the items on display have one thing in common: they hide a story, a story of fear. In order to possess those objects, Agnes will have to have the courage to listen to the story attached to each one. Story after story, however, the situation becomes more and more disturbing and the girl does not know how to get out of it. Will she manage to return home?

Chiara Cacco, class of 1982,  was born in Pianiga, a small village in the Veneto countryside, and grew up in a cottage, full of books and creaks. Today she lives in the province of Vicenza where she writes and teaches at a secondary school: specialised in educational support activities, she deals with inclusion and initiatives to create enthusiasm for reading in children.