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L’ingrediente segreto

L’ingrediente segreto


Traveling is not mileage. Traveling is going to meet the world. To go to someone, to the place where he is ...

A journey into the folds of the soul, a journey around the globe, Tokyo, Beirut, Betlemme, Pechino, Tahiti, Santiago del Cile, New York,  are just some of the cities that Luigi will visit together with his father. Enveloped in a little mystery and a pain to be dissolved, Luigi’s journey leads us all to the discovery of surprising truths. And the journey of this child with his father becomes our journey through space and time, in an enriching confrontation with others and with different cultures. It turns out that there is an invisible line that connects the kitchen to the landscape, a very thin thread that binds the art of food to nature and the creative thought of humanity. And in this invisible intertwining, solidarity shows all its disruptive force of renewal. Because in addition to physical hunger, we have another hunger within us, a hunger that cannot be satisfied with ordinary food. Hunger for life, for love. Hunger for happiness, the only thing we are all looking for.

Genre: Narrative

Subject: Geography / Environment / Territory

Publishing house:

Fasi di Luna edizioni

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 146

Price: 12,00

ISBN: 9788896939284

Premi: nessuno

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L’ingrediente segreto

Rosa Tiziana Bruno

Rosa Tiziana Bruno is the author of essays on education and fairy tales, she conducts studies on the use of fairy tales in teaching. she is a teacher and author of numerous books for children and teenagers. she is a teacher trainer at the Municipality of Rome and writes in the Education 2.0 column of Corriere della Sera.

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