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L’ultimo mago

Lost during a flood Ranksrail, the bastard king of men, conceived on the frontiers by the violence of theorcs, is found alone, unmarked and half drowned, by a group of orcs, who do not recognise him and capturehim: one of the many slaves, one of the many men stolen from their lives so that with their strength and pain they may build the world of the orcs. Rankstrail\’s heart is full of hatred. His soul only awaits themoment when he can settle the score, but the pain is too much, the despair too great, and it overwhelms him. The only thing he can still look forward to is death, in the hope that it will not be too painful. His soul disperses into the darkness and in this endless night that surrounds him on all sides, thanks to an ancient spell, the flame of the candles reaches him, the thousands of candles with which his people mourn his death. The flame of the candles allows him to remember that he is the Captain, the commander who never leaves anyone behind, the bastard king of men, in whose blood also flows the blood of the orcs who, therefore, arealso his people. He will have to take the responsibility to free their souls, to free them from savagery andbarbarism, because orcs exist and can be saved.

Silvana De Mari, with over six hundred thousand copies sold, is establishing herself as the most popular fantasy author in Italy. Her novels include: The last Elf, The last Ogre, The last prophecy of the world of men, The last spells, My name is Yorsh, The Kingdom of the White Tigers, The Knights of Light, The silent Witch. With Ares she has already published Arduin the Renegade e My name is Joseph.