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“In Lunamadre nothing takes place and nothing ever will take place.” It’s a little town where people don’t want to talk, and even less remember. But something is going back in town and will not be pos

The holidays at the paternal grandmother house in the little town of Lunamadre, embedded in the southern island among the sea, the hills and the countryside are one of the most wished moments by Lorenzo, a long-awaited occasion which represents in his view a trip into a earthly paradise, a world frozen in time framed perfectly. Yet, in his 14 years old summer, Lorenzo doesn’t know that together with his three friends, Filippo, Carlo and Maria, will face an evil hidden since a long time in the corners of the little town, a secret evil nobody wants to talk about. Weird things start to happen without any reasonable cause. Nobody knows the culprit. Innumerable rumours buzz about witches, curses, dark events coming from the past and an impeding future. Altough the villagers defuse the situation talking about “children games” a sort of concern spreads out all over Lunamadre. Actually something had happened long ago and now it’s coming back. As soon as the four kids get closer to the truth anxiety and fear replace their naive curiosity for the mystery. The only chance to overcome and protect the one among them predestined to die is sticking and standing together.

  • A tribute to a mysterious and thrilling land, Sardinia, a homage to its endless world of color, sensations, traditions.
  • The legendary Sardinian witch is both a vampire and a wizard, but she’s also bloody mysterious and totally “flipping” as a good storybook.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Pelledoca Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 152

Price: 16 €

ISBN: 978-88-3279-022-1

Foreign rights manager: Sarah Daumerie


Teo Benedetti

Born in Lucca, Teo has always been living buried in books, comics, albums, movies. After making up surrealistic and farfetched stories he goes back and forth to present them to the most creative audience on the Heart: the kids. Some of his stories have been published by Edizioni EL, Einaudi Ragazzi, Fanucci Editore, Editoriale Scienza, Pane e Sale. Instead his scariest tale is proudly published by Pelledoca Editore.