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L’uomo è forte (Man is strong)

L’uomo è forte (Man is strong)

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A suprising novel. Alvaro’s most visionary and less known work. A distopyic novel preceding by nine years Orwell’s “1984”.

This dystopic novel, published in 1938, was censored because of its description of a totalitarian society way darker and scarier than the one depicted by Orwell some years later in 1984.

After a civil war between “partisans” and “gangs”, engeneer Dale witnesses the establishment of a brutal dictatorship. By pretending to promote a fair and strong society, the regime controls every part of private lives, instilling fear and guilt. Even love is considered dangerous because it draws away from collective good. But it will be his love for Barbara, daughter of a couple of “people’s enemy”, that will bring Dale on the verge of death, after being suspected, persecuted and convicted.

“The importance of a novel such as Corrado Alvaro’s Man is strong, arguably the most intriguing dystopia of Italian 20th century, can be detected by considering the year of its publication only: 1938, seven years before Animal Farm and nine before 1984.” – Massimo Onofri, “Avvenire”

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 288

Price: 12 euro

ISBN: 9788845298356

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights - Manuela Melato

L’uomo è forte (Man is strong)

Corrado Alvaro

Corrado Alvaro (San Luca, Calabria, 1895 – Rome, 1956) was a writer, journalist and poet and, above all, an intellectual of strong civic, ethic and cultural sensitivity, which made him able, in the Thirties, to denounce the evil that was spreading throughout Europe.