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In a dark game between truth and suggestion, Jonathan is in danger of losing his identity: will he be able to save himself?• Trials of love and demonic rituals at the centre of a disturbing story, linked to the Shakespearean play The Tempest.Zoe is obsessed with Shakespeare’s The Tempest and asks Jonathan to pass some love tests for her along the lines of the play. The first test follows the plot of the play: there will be no physical relationship between the two, not even kissing. Until the staging of the play, it will be just pure love.The boy, intrigued by the request, accepts. Jonathan, however, does not know that Zoe is part of a sect that, under the disguise of a theatre company, wants to summon Setebos, the demon mentioned in The Tempest. The same love tests to which Zoe has subjected him are part of the ritual to summon the demon that is now inside him, waiting. The moment the curtain closes on the premiere, the boy is deprived of his identity. Jonathan, devastated by Zoe’s betrayal, loses his mind and is terrified of being possessed.Alone and frightened, he finds himself having to understand what is suggestion and what is truth, in a dark game that has as its prize, or price, his life.

Francesco Bedini was born in Sassuolo in 1984. After working as an educator in after-school and cultural centres, since 2012 he has been running his own lutherie workshop where he builds and repairs electric guitars. He also holds courses in the construction of musical instruments with recycled objects and popular evenings on guitar and music.