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M’illumino / d’immenso International Prize for the Translation of Poetry from Spanish into Italian

The Italian Institute of Culture of Mexico City, the Embassy of Switzerland in Mexico and the Trādūxit Laboratory, under the patronage of Biblioteche di Roma, the Embassy of Mexico in Italy and IILA, with the aim of promoting the translation and dissemination of poetry in Spanish,

are calling for the first edition of

M’illumino / d’immenso

International Prize for the Translation of Poetry from Spanish into Italian.


  1. The prize will be awarded to the best translation into Italian of two poems in Spanish, one by Eduardo Lizalde (Mexico) and the other by Daniel Samoilovich (Argentina).
  2. The selection of both poems was made by the poet Fabio Morábito.
  3. The participants have to translate into Italian the two poems at the end of this call for entries.
  4. Contestants from any country may participate.
  5. Entrants must send their translation proposals in a Word file (Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced) to with the subject “M’illumino d’immenso 2023”. The file containing the translation should be called “Translation” and should not include any participant details or footnotes to the translations. In a separate file of the same mail, to be called “Personal data”, the following data should be included:









MEDIA WHERE YOU LEARNED ABOUT THE CALL (website, social network or email, etc.): Specify from which institution. Specify from which institution):

  1. The call closes on 20 August 2023 at 23:59 (GMT). No proposals will be received after this date and time.
  2. The jury is international and is composed of poets and translators: Barbara Bertoni (Italy), Vanni Bianconi (Switzerland), Valerio Magrelli (Italy) and Fabio Morábito (Mexico).
  3. The decision will be announced no later than 6 October 2023 on the website of the Italian Cultural Institute of Mexico City (
  4. The award ceremony will take place on Friday 20 October 2023 at 19:00 at the Italian Institute of Culture of Mexico City, located at Francisco Sosa #77, Col. Villa Coyoacán, Alcaldía Coyoacán, Mexico City, as part of the XXIII Week of the Italian Language in the World.
  5. The prize consists of:

(a) 1000 euros[1];

(b) certificate of recognition;

(c) publication of the translations in the following media: Biblit. Idee e Risorse per Traduttori (Italy) and Specimen. The Babel Review of Translations (Switzerland).

11. Only one translation proposal of the two poems per entrant will be accepted.

12. The prize may be declared void.

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