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Suddenly the forest closes behind an impenetrable barrier of branches, brambles and bushes. The inhabitants of the nearby village find themselves inexplicably left out: men are no longer allowed! Three volunteers climb up to the house of the elderly Gastolf to ask him for the explanation of this mysterious event. In the meantime, something truly amazing is happening beyond the green barricade. The animals have reconquered the forest and, hidden from human sight, are carrying out an incredible project. Will the wisdom of the old Gastolf be able to allow reconciliation between the two worlds?

Giulia Zoso, originally from Vicenza, has lived in Ferrara since 1988, where she works as a teacher in the school of childhood.  In 2018 she has published the collection of short stories A casa mia con FDbooks editions. Mountain lover e always curious to explore new landscapes, with this book wants to convey to the youngest readers the beauty and the importance of this varied environment natural.