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Davide loves documentaries, Costanza from the Third B and words that sparkle. He hates delays, funiculars and, above all, eagles, which, from the top of the mountain, can tear your hair out – or so he says. Davide asks himself a thousand questions and tries hard to understand adults, but sometimes he just can’t do it. Dad’s got a new family, the grandparents fight like cats and dogs, and Mum… well, she’s great, but she always has some crazy ideas. Like this mountain trip, a five-day musical trek in the Dolomites. But once again Davide will indulge her to make her happy. Besides, it has been a hard year for both of them and a holiday they have deserved. What Davide does not yet know is that it will be one of those life-changing trips. Immersed in the shifting landscapes of some of the most beautiful mountains on Earth, mother and son will learn to take on seemingly impossible challenges: the big ones that change the way we see the world and the small ones that change us and those around us. From one of the most interesting voices on our literary scene, a story about the time we allow ourselves, to learn how to tackle the climbs and how to slacken the brakes on the descent, savouring the lightness of letting go.

Davide Longo was born in Carmagnola in 1971. In 2001 he published his first novel. In 2014 he began the successful detective series starring Arcadipane and Bramard published by Einaudi. In 2017 he wrote the screenplay for the film Il Mangiatore di Pietre. He lives in Turin and when he can in his mountain home in the Varaita Valley. He has long taught writing at the Holden School. His books have been translated and published in many countries.