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Myra sa tutto

Myra sa tutto

Foreign rights sold:

Not sure what to put on? What movie to watch? What girl or boy is right for you? Alex and Vera don’t have to bother looking for the answers themselves. Myra, the operating system integrated into the lives of every citizen, knows you and what’s best for you; all you have to do is ask her. Actually, it’s thanks to her that Alex and Vera got to know each other in the first place! But Vera realizes that something’s not quite right. How can you live under constant surveillance, your whole life shared on social media? What are you giving up in exchange? Alex, Vera and their friends decide to start making their own choices and to help others learn to do the same. Freedom is an adventure, full of challenges, discoveries and emotions, but also dangers – especially if your enemies are much closer than you think.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

editrice il castoro

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 296

Price: 15,50

ISBN: 9788869665752

Foreign rights manager: Andreina Speciale

Myra sa tutto

Luigi Ballerini

Luigi Ballerini is MD, Psychoanalist living in Milan, working with teens with internet addiction and their families. He is also a journalist and a renowned author of YA fiction: he was awarded in 2014 with Italian Andersen Prize, the most prestigious award for children’s literature in Italy and in 2016 with Bancarellino Prize – the most prestigious Italian YA award – for his  Code.Name.Zero (2015).