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Neon Brothers

Neon Brothers

What is it like to belong to Generation Z?

According to Alice Berti, it sounds like living with no guarantees, no optimism, no expectations for the future. But with a strong desire for revolution and friendship.

In a post-Brexit UK dystopic setting, you have two options: you can have a bourgeois life working for the major corporations – sticking to their standards – or you can choose your own way, joining a gang and fighting with other hopeless people like you, in order to increase the power of the Federation, a holding that profits from broadcasting challenges among outcasts.

Alice creates six young characters each very unique, each embodying the uncertainties of being a post-Millennial twentysomething in the 21st century: a magmatic and very current theme, peppered with ultra pop flavor, 90s videogames and tributes to shonen-manga fighting tropes.

The result is her personal generational anthem, between realism and dystopia, strewn with echoes from Scott PilgrimThe WarriorsThe End of the F*****g worldHunger Games and a hint of Gorillaz style.

Action, fellowship and deep human connections are the weapons to resist the pervasive cynicism of a prepackaged sleepy paradise created for those who passively accept the status quo, or the purgatory next to it, in which live those who gave up.

Publishing house:

BAO Publishing

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 192

Price: 20€

ISBN: 978-88-3273-407-2

Foreign rights manager: Vanessa Nascimbene

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Neon Brothers

Alice Berti

After graduating as graphic designer, Alice Berti comes to comics through a few short stories published on independent fanzines and creating amazing posters for movies and radio projects. Her first graphic novel, Neon Brothers, is released by BAO Publishing in 2020. She loves Andy Warhol, gigs and vinyls.