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This is the first book on neurobranding to come out in Italy. It explains the principles of neuroscience and how to use them to improve brand identity communication and how to ethically model consumer behaviour.

Mariano Diotto – a university lecturer and speaker at the main marketing events – has been the first to introduce neurobranding in Italy, using a new approach to brand positioning and communication strategies.

In addition to a thorough theoretical study of the brain, archetypes and cognitive bias, the book includes an exhaustive selection of interviews and case studies, making it a unique touchstone for the rapidly growing discipline that is neuromarketing.

The book is a ground-breaking solution for entrepreneurs, managers, creatives, art directors and even students, who will find new strategic models they can easily apply in their professions.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Economics / Industry / Management

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 400

Price: 26,90

ISBN: 978-88-203-9780-7


Mariano Diotto

Mariano Diotto is a university lecturer at IUSVE in Mestre, a brand strategist and a neurobranding expert. He is Brand Department Manager at AINEM (Italian Neuromarketing Association).