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Nuda errante

Nuda errante

We must treasure these afternoons, be grateful, because you never know when the storm will come.

The   story   of   a   journey   and   two   friends:   a   cat   and   a   girl.   From   city   to   city,   meeting   after   meeting,   Sara   Trevisan’s   pen   bares,   scratches   the   inessential.   Before   the   eyes   of   the   reader,   the   inner   geography   that   inhabits   everyone   is   shown   –   clear,   with   notes   of   fantasy.   A   mapping   of   the   self   that   knows   how   to   shed   light,   knows   how   to   explain   the   why   of   things.

Publishing house:

Argentodorato Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Ferrara

Number of pages: 176

Price: € 15,00

ISBN: 9788894448283

Foreign rights manager: Eleonora Belletti

Nuda errante

Sara Trevisan

Sara Trevisan was born in Asolo on April 9th 1991. She immediately dedicated herself to humanistic activities. An authentic love for Philosophy, Theology and Psychology is what provides the author, since the time of high school, the starting point for profound and original reflections. He currently lives between Belluno and Padua, continuing his fruitful collaboration with the monthly UCT, Uomo, Cultura e Territorio of Trento.