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Oceano irrazionale. Cronache di uno psicoterapeuta

Sooner or later, every psychotherapist realises that the ability to be with another’s pain has a lot to do with accepting to be with one’s own. In this autobiographical account, encounters with patients’ mental suffering alternate with personal episodes, underlining the continuity between human landscapes and suggesting to the reader how, out of life’s difficulties, a surprising trust in existence itself can arise: trust in what is yet to come. Matteo Maria Bonani traverses his own inner precipices and the hells of his patients, choosing not to fight the impetuous winds but to dance with the currents to navigate the irrational ocean of existence. The dancing star that will be born out of chaos is an unexpected discovery: the leap into the black hole can lead to rebirth, the human being is much more than what he has learned to believe he is because, beyond desires and fears, there is the infinite with its innumerable potentials. The author writes: ‘Moving forward, beyond the point where we have learned to believe it is not possible, is a vitally important ability.

Matteo Maria Bonani lives in Padua where he works as a psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor in the areas of psychiatry, disabilities and child protection. Together with his wife he devotes himself to music medicine and holds seminars for personal evolution drawing on Eastern philosophies and shamanic traditions. He is the author of the book Il canto della foresta. Ayahuasca e la medicina sciamanica (with Silvia Riccamboni, Mauna Loa Editions 2022).