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A boring holiday in the mountains turns into a TV series adventure, with chases, old mysteries and twists. Some people wear masks – and not just for Carnival. But often the monsters, the real ones, hide behind those you do not expect.For the Carnival holidays, Greta would like to stay in town with her friends. Instead, her parents send her to a great-aunt’s cabin in a remote village in the Aosta Valley. Her only chance of surviving the boredom is to contact Emanuela, known as Emy, the friend from the mountains whom she has not seen for so long. But Emy does not answer her messages, she has disappeared and no one, not even her mother, apparently more interested in alcohol than her daughter, seems to care. It is Greta who starts the search: asking around she discovers that, years earlier, another girl disappeared. And, as if that were not enough, in those very days, a man has escaped from the nearby centre that has a reputation for housing mentally ill criminals. Soon, the investigation is joined by Chiara, a very clever policewoman, the deputy mayor Eric and two forest rangers. To find her friend, Greta goes into the woods, but feels she is being watched, senses a disturbing presence: who is following her? Is it the Wild Man, the protagonist of some local legends? Or is it the monster, the real one, something else?

Serenella Quarello, born in Asti in 1970, discovered in 2007 that she loved writing for children and young people and has been unable to do without it ever since.She has published novels and illustrated books for Rizzoli, Orecchio Acerbo, Thule and others.