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Pesciolino è stato il primo

Pesciolino è stato il primo

After a long swim in search of uncharted seas, Little Fish is convinced that he has finally discovered a place where no one has ever gone before. Too bad not to have a flag to plant, to let everyone know that that place belongs only to him.“Need a flag? Here it is!” says the turtle, which appears from around the corner. And then here is the squid, the crab, the clam, the jellyfish… With great disappointment, Little Fish realizes that actually that space belongs to everyone! But he also discovers that many can play much more fun games. A story that makes you think about our desire to possess and the pleasure and benefits of sharing.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Terre di mezzo Editore

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 30

Price: 15

ISBN: 978-88-6189-698-7

Foreign rights manager: Eleonora Armaroli

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Pesciolino è stato il primo

Angelo Mozzillo - Alice Piaggio

ANGELO MOZZILLO is the author of multimedia installations, narrative reportages, screenplays, theatre performances. Among his books,Io sono una foglia (Bacchilega).

ALICE PIAGGIO collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines and publishers. She won the 2019 Illustri Award (Magazine category) and published, among others, I miti delle stelle (Mondadori).