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Planet Book gathers together a selection of 200 great photographs focusing the ongoing environmental crisis in order to stimulate a global commitment on the issue that affect everyone: the need to save of our planet.

The 200 images are grouped under the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and into a fifth chapter dedicated to the harmful Excesses caused by human behavior but also to the possible Solutions. Pictures have been chosen and commented by a group of 50 students of a special Master of the University of Padua conducted by Telmo Pievani, evolutionist, writer and scientist always attentive to the issues of the environment of the future.

With the chosen photographs and the texts, Students indicate the problems and foresee possible solutions. Today young people are the ones who will find solutions to correct the unforgivable errors made by the past generations upsetting the geological balance of the Earth and initiating the disastrous global warming.

Becoming a training ground for debates, Planet Book provides an important support and indicate possible ways to follow “good practices” of the future. As Telmo Pievani writes in the foreword of the book: “The hope that has guided us during the making of Planet Book is that the revealing power of these photographs, each of which is an interpretation of the complex transition underway, combined with the looks of the girls and the boys of 21st century, can make a small but significant difference in the open minds of all of us \’.

Telmo Pievani (Gazzaniga, 1970) Is Professor of Philosophy of Biological Sciences at the Department of Biology of the University of Padua, where he also teaches Bioethics and Naturalistic Disclosure. Philosopher of science and evolutionist, he is a member of Academies, Scientific Societies and he is the President of the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology, Here are his last books: Imperfezione. Una storia naturale (Cortina, 2019); La Terra dopo di noi (Contrasto, 2019).