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Quaderno delle presenze

With this new book, Paolo Maccari adds a conspicuous chapter to a poetic affair that began more than two decades ago. As in his more recent works, here the author pursues a natural pronunciation devoid of easy effects, within a quest that nonetheless has on the level of style a rich gallery of guarded verbal events. Through portraits and self-portraits, episodes in poetry and prose, Maccari attempts a restitution at once pudic and moving of the passing of the seasons, noting the presences and absences that in ways that are always original, and interchangeable, mark the lives of each of us. Preface by Gian Mario Villalta.

Series “novecento/duemila” directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni

Paolo Maccari (Colle Val d’Elsa, 1975) lives and works in Florence. He has published the following books of poetry: Ospiti (Manni, 2000, with a preface by Luigi Baldacci), Fuoco amico (Passigli, 2009), Contromosse (Con-fine, 2013), Fermate (Elliot, 2017); in 2019 his personal anthology, I ferri corti, was published for LietoColle-Fondazione pordenonelegge’s ‘Gialla Oro’. He directs with Valerio Nardoni the poetry series «caratteri» for the publisher Valigie Rosse.