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Quaresimale (per le signore)

Published in 7 episodes between february and april 1882 on the literary and satyric magazine Capitan Fracassa, the Quaresimale by Matilde Serao has escaped from bibliographic records and, with them, from the eyes of the public for a century and more. It is now restored for the readers canonically as a book containing the preechings held during Lent time. The shrewd and irriverent tone with which young Chiquita tries to correct the main feminine perversions (fashion, love, gossiping and novels too) emerges strengthened. The very much desired vanishing of the guilt is bound to produce its most impactful exaltation and the sermons becomes an impolite invitation to transgression.

Matilde Serao (Patrasso, 7 marzo 1856 – Napoli, 25 luglio 1927) was an italian writer and journalist. She was the first italian women founding and directing a newspaper, the Corriere di Roma, which happened with the Mattino and Giorno too. In the Twenties she was nominated for the Nobel Prize six times, without ever winning it.