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All the toys are on edge: a new one’s arrived, and it’s obvious straight away that there’s no competing with him. Kid has eyes for him alone, and his older toys are afraid he’ll soon forget all about them. Their apprehension and jealousy are understandable, but they’re about to learn that love doesn’t take love away, it actually creates more of it!

The perfect book to prepare children to welcome a new little brother in the family. With all the unmistakable grace and sensitivity of the couple Vecchini-Sualzo.

Silvia Vecchini (author) is the author of illustrated books and novels for children, poetry, columns for magazines and comics. She designs itineraries for schools and meets children in libraries and bookshops for readings and workshops. She won the Boscarato Prize ’12 and the Orbil Prize ’13.

Antonio “Sualzo” Vincenti (illustrator) is an author of comics and illustrator, collaborating with many Italian and foreign publishers. He won the Boscarato Award ’12 and the Orbil Award ’13.