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At the beginning there were two … two different creatures. They meet, fall in love and a baby is born, half of whom looks like mom and half of dad. The baby grows and, in turn, falls in love with another creature. From this new encounter, a new puppy is born, half as mom and half as dad, who grows up, falls in love and … page after page, new encounters, new loves and new borns. So on until evolution, with its mysterious crossings, brings us back to the same couple that started everything, because we all have the same origin. What a revolution is evolution!

Publishing house:

Carthusia Edizioni

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 44

Price: 20,90 €

ISBN: 9788869450563

Foreign rights manager:


Arianna Papini

Arianna Papini is an author, illustrator and arteraputist. She has published many books with numerous Italian and European publishing houses, for which she has obtained numerous awards. She has participated in over eighty solo and group exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.