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How to escape from a shadow when you were born in the middle of it? When your sixteen years seem make you envelop on yourself? A ball isn’t enough. A guitar isn’t enough. You need a wind blow, a touch of magic. You need a radio, in a time when they were still called free instead of private.Too young for having participated in protests of ’68. Too much introvert to be part of the ’67. Toppa, Caio, the Gipo and a group of other teenagers spend their evenings with long walks and little hooliganisms, the consequences of which they hardly can even realize. All this till the day in which they decide to give birth to a radio in the cellar of Caputo, to whom since ever is recognized an anomalous charisma made up of organized spirit, love for precision and mysterious fragilities. The lack of funds and of any technical competence don’t stop their contagious enthusiasm: picking up everywhere records and ideas, microphones and advertisements, they give life to that collective dream under the reassuring guide of their general manager, sure of having found the key able to express all their qualities which are potentially infinite like the electromagnetic waves that will spread their voice and musical choices in the ether. In and out the walls of Caputo’s old cellar, the future sprinkles like a promise.

Valerio Aiolli (1961) wrote, among the others, Io e mio fratello (Edizioni e/o 1999, winner of the Premio Fiesole and candidate for the Premio Strega), Fuori tempo (Rizzoli 2004), Il carteggio Bellosguardo (Italo Svevo Edizioni 2017), Nero ananas (Voland 2019, candidate for the Premio Strega), X. Una caccia (Tetra 2022). His books have been translated in Germany, Netherlands and Hungary.