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Recapitulanda 2021

Recapitulanda 2021

Recapitulanda 2021: last of a sequence of three Latin titles

Recapitulanda 2021: a liquid narrative flowing, well contained in six chapters, a literary asset, a metaphor based portfolio, pricing in adversities, accounting for losses of paragraphs, caused by lexical volatility.

A hybrid representation, an abstract portraying delicate issues such as information distress and communicative behaviour disorders, once accurately defined.

The ’anew chapterism’ approach is proposed as a consistent aspect of Literary Economics.

Embedded clauses revolve around a technical jargon, also a specialized lexicon, while headlines refer to a variety of sub-stories, intertwined episodes, just like microfibers, to be unwinded.

A lexicon driven surreal narrative is meant to start a course of narrative actions, meant to lower useless noise, to cope with nuances, to avoid obnoxious nuisance, to reset common sense, after so much nonsense and communication distress have too long prevailed.

Genre: Narrative

Subject: Literary Criticism

Publishing house:

La Sapienza Editrice

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 66

Price: 8

ISBN: 978-88-31955-14-0

Foreign rights manager: Graziella Tonfoni

Premi: Minerva Donna per la Ricerca Scientifica 1984

Recapitulanda 2021

Graziella Tonfoni

Graziella Tonfoni: serving the academic community internationally a scholar and a former research professor 1983-2015. A pioneer and a literary and scientific author of classics in computational linguistics, cognitive science, information design, documentation management. She is currently involved whith packaging and presenting her intradisciplinary approach to Gray Literature, expressing herself in narratives and poetry for complex problem solving.

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