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Ricordi di un omicidio

Ricordi di un omicidio


What would happen if we could remember everything?
If we could live more than one life?

William Galen is a brilliant scientist, whose ambition is to unravel the intimate essence of living beings and to reveal their most intricate secrets. Years of study have led the young academic to a sensational result: he has synthesized a drug that can dramatically enhance and strengthen human beings’ memory, a discovery that could change the world. However, someone is plotting in the shadows to prevent the natural order of things from being upset by science.

Riccardo Hale is a boy in the senior year of technical school. He apparently is a young man like many others, with dreams, aspirations, and goals. But Riccardo is not like the others: every now and then, without being able to explain it, he has visions that he cannot interpret. One of these shows him his own death. He then begins a journey of self-discovery, a journey that will take him to distant places and times.  He will come up against powerful enemies and find allies in people he has never met before… has he?

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 400

Price: 14,90€

ISBN: 9788833220390

Foreign rights manager: Michele Spinicci (

Ricordi di un omicidio

Nicola Lupi

Nicola Lupi was born in Cremona in 1982. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, during the day he works in a steel mill in his hometown, while at night he loves to express his creativity writing stories. He is a ski mountaineering instructor. Ricordi di un omicidio is his first novel published by BookRoad.