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She was only twelve years old when next to her bed her maternal uncles placed an empty crib, without dolls.’You ‘ll need it soon, you’ll join a contemporary of ours with a religious rite’ – a few sharp words turn the life of little Akgül upside down, a Turkish girl forced to become a woman early.A story that unfolds between the past and the present, between Anatolia and Italy, following the thread of the memories and experiences of the protagonist, now thirty years old, and allows you to explore the dynamics of an apparently distant reality, yet, in truth, so close: the drama of child brides.

Anna D’Auria teaches Latin and Greek at the Liceo Classico ‘Plinio Seniore’ in Castellammare di Stabia. She is a fervent reader of novels with a psychological background, as well as she is the author of poetic and narrative texts. She conceived and hosted the format ‘Along the paths of classicism’, broadcast on Bom Channel.