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Solo se mi credi (Only if you believe me)

Solo se mi credi (Only if you believe me)


A Story of Love and Anarchy. From two Andersen prize authors comes a novel that will be as loved by the critics as it will be by its young and adult readers.

A young love, a homicide, a séance. In the background is Turin during the anarchic revolts and the exotic atmosphere of Salgari’s novels.

Turin, 1905. Carlo is 16 years old and an errand boy for Pasticceria Fratelli Perosino in the town centre. He loves to read and is passionate about Emilio Salgari’s novels, borrowing and reading everything he can from the library. His life crosses paths with the life of the writer, with the life of Margherita and with that of a strange homeless man who asks him to deliver a mysterious envelope to a lawyer just before being found dead in a canal. Solo se mi credi portrays a sweet love story as well as the adventures of a boy in early twentieth century Turin, in an Italy that is yet to come of age, and in which personal destinies meet those of history.

Readers’ Age: 14 upwards

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Rizzoli Ragazzi

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 288

Price: 16 euro

ISBN: 9788817146579

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights: Head of Rights:

Solo se mi credi (Only if you believe me)

Guido Quarzo - Anna Vivarelli

Guido Quarzo was born in Turin in 1948. He worked as a teacher and an educator, particularly in the field of children’s theatre. He has won numerous literary awards. His books are published by the most important publishing houses and have been translated into many languages. In 1999, he quit teaching to devote himself entirely to writing and holding readings in schools and libraries.

1995 Premio Andersen
1996 Premio Cento assieme ad Anna Vivarelli
2017 finalista Premio Strega Ragazzi
2020 finalista Premio Strega ragazzi

Anna Vivarelli was born in Turin in 1958. With a degree in Philosophy, her writing debut came at a young age with theatre works, short stories and radio-plays for Rai TV. Since the mid-90s she has dedicated herself to children’s writing full time while continuing to follow her two passions: the reading of great adventure writers – Mark Twain, Stevenson, Kipling – and music, from classical to rock. In 2010 she won the Andersen prize as best writer.

1996 Premio Battello a Vapore
1996 and 2002 Premio Cento
2005 and 2009 Premio Selezione Bancarellino
2010 Premio Andersen and Civic Seal of the City of Turin