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Storia d’agosto, di Agata e d’inchiostro (The Story of Agata)

Storia d’agosto, di Agata e d’inchiostro (The Story of Agata)

A fascinating adventure about friendship, that teaches us how to love and respect animals.

Agata is a clever and witty 12-year-old, who finds herself alone in her big town house when her parents leave for Switzerland to take care of her sick grandmother, and her older sister wants to spend time with her boyfriend. With only the classic book Misunderstood and Gabo, the pizza delivery guy, to keep her company, Agata learns some interesting facts about her past and takes part in a plan to sabotage an illegal horse race and to free the abused horses.

The story is told both from Agata’s point of view, with a peculiar and elegant style, as well as from Gabo’s more down-to-earth yet mature perspective, for a result that is twice as funny, twice as exciting and twice as unique.

With an appendix about the zoomafia and the use of animals in illegal races and fighting.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizioni Sonda

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 144

Price: € 12,90

ISBN: 978 88 7224 024 3

Foreign rights manager: Maria Teresa Sirna,

Storia d’agosto, di Agata e d’inchiostro (The Story of Agata)

Nadia Terranova

Nadia Terranova was born in 1978 in Messina. Her books, translated in Europe and in the United States, received several awards, like Bagutta Opera Prima,  Brancati and the American The Bridge Book Award. In 2019 she has been nominated for Premio Strega. She collaborates with «la Repubblica» and other magazines.