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Storia del mondo antico in 25 esplorazioni

Common notions about the ancient world, that of Greece and Rome, tend to be circumscribed to the area directly around the Mediterranean Sea. Yet Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and the Punic people all sought to leave their territories and the knownworld at the time to follow their dreams of unknownplaces: the Greek geographer Megasthenes travelled to Sri Lanka, then known as Taprobane; the Romans and Chinese fought in the Himalayan North; and Carthaginian mariners likely reached the Sargasso Sea. Recounting twenty-five astonishing expeditions involving four different continents, Marcello Valente traces the journeys of the world’s first known explorers and shows readers a completely new map of the ancient world.

Marcello Valente is a professor of Greek History at the University of Turin and the author of numerous academic publications.