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This book is the result of a series of researches that have led to the comparison and intersection of a large amount of information from the most up-to-date and competent sources. An in-depth analysis on Soviet aeronautical production in the field of jet fighter aircraft starting from the end of the Second World War and for the following ten years, in a period of great ferment and rapid technical evolution. the work of 13 designers, with the description of more than 80 different aircraft and their variants, including projects, prototypes and aircraft that have known the operational service, placing them in the historical context to which they belong. The graphic appendix includes the profiles of all the aircraft treated and some synoptic tables that allow you to view the evolution and temporal arrangement of the models referred to in the text.

Alberto Trevisan was fascinated by his childhood from the world of aeronautics, which he approached thanks to his father’s already consolidated passion for the subject. Primarily interested in the historical and technical aspects of military aviation, he focuses mainly on the study of the period between the thirties and seventies of the twentieth century.