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Innovators are to company growth what misfits are to company survival. Through the story of his professional experience and private life the author, with the help of a number of conversations with innovators and leaders, finds predictable patterns to help figure out ways to not only spot these lateral thinkers in your organization but also to deal with them and make use of their peculiar talents to improve your business.

The tension between incremental innovation and disruptive innovation, between the business as usual and what is coming next, is not something any company should be afraid of, and rebels are there to transform this tension into an opportunity, if you know how to deal with it.

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Matteo Rizzi has 20+ years of experience in technology and financial services. He spent 13 years at SWIFT, where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative and launched the first global challenge for fintech entrepreneurs. Since 2013 he holds a FinTech Investor and Venture Partner role with global funds. In 2015 co-founded FinTechStage, a platform for Incumbents, Regulators, Venture Capitalists, Innovators, and start-ups to foster FinTech innovation globally.