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The Paper Voice. Listen to who you are (La voce di carta. Ascolta chi sei)

The Paper Voice. Listen to who you are  (La voce di carta. Ascolta chi sei)


This is the story of how Marianna grows up and learns the words that take her to the route of freedom, against all prejudices and discriminations, thanks women solidarity and the power of education.

One October evening in the late 1800s, anannouncement was made to Marianna, advising her in a few, sparse words that she would be leaving the harsh country life to work in a paper mill in Lecco. Hers wasn’t the first family to break the rhythm of days spent in the fields: Aunt Ada had already ventured into the world although not on the orders of her father; on the contrary, she had left of her own will to follow dreams and ideals that were incomprehensible to a world bound to tradition. Withthe example of her courageous, combative aunt in mind, Marianna embraced her new life, facing her own fears and the prejudice of others.She is sustained by the solidarity of the generous women around her and encouraged by their example; sensing Marianna’s willingness to learn, they sharetheir experience with her and the young girl mastersthe only real tool that can earn her her freedom:words. With dogged resolve, she learns to read and write, and becomes empowered to share this route to freedom with others, setting her sights higher and higher to become the person she would like tobe. Her voice, now strong and clear, has found the words to tell her story.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri S.p.A.

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 192

Price: € 16

ISBN: 978880472366

Foreign rights manager: Veronica Broglio -

The Paper Voice. Listen to who you are  (La voce di carta. Ascolta chi sei)

Lodovica Cima

Lodovica Cima born in Lecco, she now lives and works in Milan. She has written more than 200 books for young readers and worked in children’s publishing for more than twenty years. She collaborates with trade journals and is part of the teaching staff on the publishing master’s course at Milan University and at the Alberto and Arnoldo Mondadori Foundation. In 2017, she set up a specialist children’s press, Pelledoca, focusing on thrillers, noir and mystery fiction.

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