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Ti voglio bene, Prunello

Ti voglio bene, Prunello


A delicate and poetic book about a little girl's love for her plum tree, the beauty of nature and the desire to protect it.

In springtime, a plum tree, with its splendid corolla of flowers, conquers little Agata, who will continue to love it in all seasons. When danger threatens her friend, she knows how to save him with a wonderful and exemplary burst of love, dragging her parents and neighbors with her in a true test of courage, demonstrating that unity is strength and that, every so often, a pinch of rebellion and a bit of stubbornness, could change the fate of everyone.
Ti voglio bene, Prunello (I love you, Prunello) is a delicate and poetic book, written by Anna Lavatelli and illustrated by Marco Somà, to fall in love with the beauty of nature, to love it and want to protect it: a deep feeling that even a child can live fully and thus discover the meaning of caring, gratitude, responsibility, not to delegate to others what we can and must do ourselves.
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Genre: Kids

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 32

Price: 15

ISBN: 9788865801758

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini

Ti voglio bene, Prunello

Anna Lavatelli, Marco Somà

Anna Lavatelli lives in Cameri, in the province of Novara. Graduated in Philosophy at the State University of Milan, she has taught Literature at secondary school and now devotes herself full-time to youth literature.
Marco Somà works as an illustrator of children’s books. He teaches Illustration and carries out laboratory activities with children.